Inside the Laboratory

The lab routinely handles a variety of specimens including neck dissections and aspiration fluids. Standard H&E staining and special stains e.g. Pap, Giemsa, Van Geison, Masson Trichrome, PTAH, PAS, Mucicarmine, Reticulin etc are performed. The lab uses a Leica Microtome and an Olympus Microscope and chemicals from Merck. Special attention is given towards meticulous quality control and safety of Lab personnel.
The lab also undertakes preparation of teeth ground sections for teaching purposes. Histological slides of tooth development and development of supporting structures of tooth prepared by this lab has gained widespread appreciation and is aiding teaching in several institutions of the country.
Photomicrograph showing early bell
stage of tooth development.
Photograph of specimen being pre
pared for grossing.
Photomicrograph showing ground
section of teeth.
Photomicrograph showing reticulin
Photomicrograph showing aspirate
stained by PAP technique.
Photograph showing sectioning
of mandible.
Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology Clinic
(A Centre for Detection of Oral Cancer)
3, Raja Manindra Road,
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